We promise total care for your application

  • We learn not just the technical aspects of your Application but the business reasons behind them. This allows us to work with you on developing an Application that adds value to your business.
  • When you transition support of your Application system to us we recognize and respect the many years invested by your employees in developing and maintaining that Application. We listen, we document, we support. We treat your Application as our own and care for it like our own.
  • We keep your Application running, and running well. We fix it when it’s broken, and we strive to find the root cause of recurring problems so that the problem can have a permanent solution.

Here’s how we deliver

Using a small, on-site team of highly capable and dependable professionals combined with a large pool of offshore resources, we provide flexible capacity for your project’s resource needs.

learning not just your computer programs but also the business processes behind them. So we can suggest alternative approaches to achieve the same business objectives.

And when you’re ready to modernize an application, our knowledge of your business and technology makes us your best partner for that too.

The result? IT application systems with fewer technical issues. Reports that get out on time. New functionality delivered.

Value Proposition

Successfully extending the enterprise, enhancing business relationships and sustaining a client’s competitive edge cannot be done without a flexible, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. SVI’s market leadership as a global solutions provider is based on five key components:

Broad Portfolio of Services

enabling you to get integrated solutions from a single point of contact for outsourcing requirements

Proven Methodologies

that are assessed at CMM Level 5 and ISO 9001:2000 translate into consistent, reliable and repeatable results

Seamless Work Distribution and Management

Platform allow us to scale up and send the work to the people best-suited to handle it regardless of location

Operational Efficiencies

that result from a corporate culture of continuous improvement and application of best practices

Flexible Engagement Models

give you the ability to achieve “your” IT and business objectives – both today and tomorrow

Having helped Fortune 1000 companies for more than 25 years we know how you can become a master in global solutions delivery.

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