Software Quality Testing

Through Software Quality Testing and Software Quality Assurance we help the client detect software defects early when the cost of fixing such defects are still relatively small. Any IT Manager knows that extensive testing is needed before releasing a software product to the market. SVI acts as an independent quality assurance department that screens software in its various stages of development. We report all defects found – minor, major, cosmetic or catastrophic – so that the development team can address them accordingly.

As many applications become available on mobile devices and other appliances using different browsers running on various operating systems, it is critical to have a QA and Testing strategy that is extensive and yet cost-effective.


  • We use both manual and automated testing methodologies
  • Testing team thoroughly analyzes the available documentation and creates test cases that reflect the majority of user scenarios
  • Stress testing and configuration testing are performed by simulating extreme operating conditions
  • Benefits

  • Automated tools make regression testing faster and more comprehensive
  • Defects in the Requirements & Design Specifications are uncovered early before the system is constructed
  • Avoid breakdowns and other surprises during production
  • Our Software Quality Testing and Quality Assurance services include the following:

    • Agile Software Testing Strategy and Planning
    • Test Plan Execution
    • Testing Tools/Ware Development and Maintenance
    • Test Process Automation
    • Performance and Stress Testing

    Quality Testing Tools that we have used include

    Quality Center – Manage Requirements, Test Scripts, Test Summaries, Defects, test execution (manual/automated)
    QuickTest Professional – Used to write automated scripts (Visual Basic Scripting)
    SharePoint – Repository for project documents, team documents, templates, FAQs, standards, QA scope
    DL-Term – Deltamatic terminal tool used for writing communication programs using the DL series library
    Oracle SQL – Perform database queries to validate the database against SOA and UI
    SoapUI – Send xml requests and receive xml responses from SOA to validate against database and UI
    Hyperion Performance Suite – Query Teradata database to validate against UI and DLTerm
    QuickTest Pro – Execute automation scripts

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